New Century Organic

The POS System from MXGSOFT is a savior to my company! We were a traditional company where we do our stock taking, ordering and accounts manually.

After applying the new system to our business, we reduced our man hours greatly. It greatly improved our efficiency by helping us to highlight what are the items that are low stock and needs ordering.

We are able to check our stocks via an online platform at any time of the day. By doing so, we are able to control our stocks level and reduce manpower to manage the business.

By automating the business model, we are able to control the P&L of every single items! A very detailed of P&L of every items enable us to realize the full potential of the business.

We are able to tell what are the selling items and what are the not selling items, hence able to make proper judgement in selecting what to sell.

We would strongly recommend the system to fellow friends. The system is reliable and the following up service even after purchase is excellent!



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