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Enterprise Resource Planning software designed specifically for the construction enterprises

Built with over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, OPTICON™ leverages deep industry insights to address every possible pain point. Remarkably integrated, this web-based Construction ERP software is an absolute must to optimize the complete construction management process. OPTICON™ Construction ERP management software is built for businesses to drive seamless growth and take the next business leap with the empowering force of technology.

Construction business involves high value projects in a fiercely competitive environment. The construction companies cannot afford to overrun time and cost, therefore they need to manage time and resources efficiently on real time basis. OPTICON™ the construction project management solution is a platform which bridges the gap between information and decision making process.

OPTICON™ is a group of integrated modules that together provide a comprehensive and complete ERP solution to the Construction and Real Estate Industry. The Construction Project Management ERP software is designed to automate the entire construction process and allows tracking information in real time thus making lives easier for all the stakeholders.

OPTICON™ the Construction ERP management software helps the Contractors at the tendering stage before the award of the contract; it empowers them to prepare a competitive bid by accurately calculating bill of quantities from BIM models to quote for both cost and time for the projects.

This construction ERP software is thus a process driven, flexible decision making tool. OPTICON™ is scalable to meet growth requirements and is designed with futuristic technologies and standards. Being fully internet based, it can be accessed from anywhere anytime.


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OPTICON™ is a game changer for the Construction ERP industry and it’s aimed at bringing the most technologically integrated way to simplify the complexities involved in every decision making process involved.

It gives the decision makers and business leaders a complete micro and macro perspective on every aspect, that has just not been possible so far.

OPTICON™ translates into greater efficiencies, optimum resource deployment, quicker decision making and control of ROI in practically every dimension of the construction process.

Seamlessly integrates Projects, Finance, Procurement, Sales & CRM departments there-by enhancing efficiency of construction enterprise many folds and helps to meet BCA compliance.

Tender Bid Management (TBM)
  • Maintains the Tender Details
  • Supports different types of Tenders like Percentage, Item rate, Lump sum and Built up
  • Imports the Client BOQ into system for Processing
  • Uses Standard Library Items to prepare the Costing of Client BOQ. The Standard Library Items will be mapped to Client BOQ Items.
  • Has Provision to generate Direct and Indirect Cost
  • Provides detailed costing with resource requirement, provision of escalation and wastage
  • Finalize the Pricing of the Client BOQ by Adding Profits and Overheads
  • Maintains Negotiation/ Tender revision details
  • Maintains the finalization details of the Tender
Project Cost Management (PCM)
  • Maintains the detailed Project Costing based on the approved drawings and material specifications
  • Maintains Project Work Breakdown Structure
  • Reads Autodesk Revit 3D Model to Generate Bill Of Quantity (BOQ)
  • Generates Bill Of Materials (BOM)
  • Maintains Project-wise Activity and Resource (Materials, Machines and Labor) Library
  • Provides Project Direct and Indirect Costing
  • Provides Project Budgeting for Cost and Resource requirement
  • Maintains the Estimate Revisions
  • Provides the comparison of actual costing with the tendered costing to find out the variation
Project Scheduling (PS)
  • Maintains detailed Project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) with Planned Start and End Date of Activities
  • Provides Project-wise Activity Calendar
  • Maintains the Activity Dependencies to auto update the schedule
  • Maintains the Base lining
  • Provides Resource Planning
  • Generates Procurement Program and Cost outflow
  • Provides seamless integration with Microsoft Project
  • Maintains the Schedule Revisions
  • Tracks & Monitor Planned v/s Actual Progress through Daily Progress update
Project Monitoring & Control (PMC)
  • Monitors Project Progress
  • Facility to Release and Assign the Activities to Project Team for Execution
  • Facility to update the Daily Progress Report using Mobile Devices
  • Facility to upload the Site Progress Photos through mobile devices
  • Track and Monitor the Project Progress
  • Provides Project Engineer Work Place for Quick & Easy use of the System
  • Provision of Workflow to approve the Material, Machine, Labor and Service Requisition by the concerned project authorities
  • Compares Planned V/s Actual Progress
  • Daily Reporting about Project Progress
  • Records Work Measurements
  • Compares Planned v/s Actual Resource Consumption
  • Provides Integration with Scheduling, Costing, Tendering Bid, Subcontracting billing and Client Billing modules
Subcontractor Management (SCM)
  • Supports the Item Rate, Lump-sum and Built up Area Work Orders
  • Maintains Subcontractors Work Order details with Terms & Condition
  • Provision of releasing Open Work Orders
  • Analyze and Maintain the Subcontractor Quotations for Approval
  • Tracks the Work Done by the contractors
  • Provision for updating the Work Done Measurements
  • Manages Mobilization Advance, Work Done, Material Supply Bills
  • Certification of work and release of payment
  • Tracks the work done v/s payment released
  • Adjusts the Retentions and advances given to the contractors
  • Integrates with Accounting module to keep track of the bills submitted and payments released
Client Billing (CSB)
  • Tracks Project Progress through Work Done Measurements from Project Execution Department
  • Supports Mobilization Advance, Work Done, Material Advance Bills
  • Tracks the Project Progress for Invoicing
  • Maintains Advance Adjustment and Retention
  • Provision of Bill Certification
  • Alerts based on the Agreed Payment Terms
  • Preparation and Submission of Invoices
  • Compares Work done V/s Tender BOQ
  • Identifies the variations and price escalations
  • Integrates with the financials for posting invoices
Plant & Machineries (PnM)
  • Maintains the Plants & Machinery Technical, Insurance and Maintenance Details
  • Provision to generate the Project Machinery Requirements
  • Tracks Availability and Make Allotments to the required Projects
  • Dispatch and Transport the machineries to the required Project Site
  • Maintain Daily Machine Logs
  • Tracks the Purchasing / Hiring of Equipments
  • Monitors PnM usage and Percentage Utilization
  • Maintenance and their Expenses, Cannibalization of Plant & Machinery
  • Integrates with Project Monitoring and Financial module.
Material Procurement (MTP)
  • Helps in procuring right material at right time and at right price with right specifications
  • Maintains historical purchase information
  • Analysis and approval of supplier quotations
  • Processing and Approval of Local and Import Purchase Orders
  • Processes Supplier Advance & Supply Payments
  • Integrates with Financials and Stores modules
Inventory Management (INV)
  • Maintains Project Warehouse Stocks
  • Keeps track of material movement across the Warehouses
  • Maintains Material Receipts from suppliers and different projects
  • Activity Based Material Issues to the Projects
  • Material Transfer between the Warehouses
  • Stock Valuation based on LIFO/FIFO
Sales & CRM
  • Maintain, Track and Monitor the Customer Enquiries
  • Maintains the customer follow-up’s with provision of assigning to the subordinates and higher authorities
  • Provide alerts/ pop-ups for follow-ups
  • Maintains the Unit Details, Payment Plan and Payment Schedules
  • Maintains the Booking information, Account Status, Payment Receipts, etc.
  • Auto Generation of Demand Letters
  • Tracking of Post Sales Follow-up
  • Posting of Payment Receipts to Accounts
  • Approval Workflow for Payment Plan and Booking
Financial Accounting (FA)
  • Maintains global chart of accounts
  • Maintains Customized Cost Centers
  • Supports Multi Currency
  • Provides Bank/ Cash – Payments/ Receipts, Journal Vouchers, Letter of Credit, Bank Reconciliation, Cheque Printing, Year End Finalization Facility
  • Comprehensive and Seamless integration with all the departments for Financial implications
  • Generates Project-wise Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss and Trial Balance Reports
  • Centralized Accounting Control to generate project cost reports.
Product Configuration
  • OPTICON is built on powerful system engines and accelerators
  • User Roles, Role Entitlement/ Authorizations
  • Has Role Based Authorization
  • User Configurable Work Flows
  • User Configurable Alerts and Notifications
  • Maintains Employee Information details
  • Company Configuration, Workflow Templates, Alerts & Notification Templates
  • Multi Currency and Localization settings
Mobile App
  • Track Progress on Construction Site
  • Daily Progress Reports from Site Engineers/ Supervisors
  • Approvals on the go for Purchases
  • Onsite photographs for work progress
  • Dashboards for Effective Decisions & Cash Flow Management
Other Modules
  • Analystics & Dashboard
  • Document Management
  • Fixed Asset Managment
  • Human Resource Managment
  • Payroll

Why Use Opticon

  • Access Anywhere Anytime
  • One dashboard with overview of all construction activities
  • Project Management Centric Construction ERP solution
  • Digitize every function in the building construction life cycle
  • Bid efficiently
  • Detailed project cost estimation
  • Effective project control
  • Manage schedules and eliminate cost and schedule overruns
  • Transaction Approvals on the move through mobile app
  • Integration with 3D models for auto generation of BOQ
  • Seamless integration with MS Project
  • DPR updation through mobile devices

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Revit Integration Module

Computes quantity from 3D BIM model and links them with corresponding items in the library to prepare detail cost estimate. Alternatively BOQ could also be extracted from spreadsheets.

Client Testimonials

“The product helped in interconnection our various project sites, departments, and office – which made MIS consolidation across organization quicker. Being a value-for-money proposition, we were able to generate a clear ROI on OPTICON implementation.” 

Anil Bakeri
Chairman & Managing Director
Bakeri Engineering and Infrastructure Ltd, India

“OPTICON has enhanced the efficiency and effectiveness of our Sop’s through the integration and automation offered by the software. It’s a well designed system that addresses the management cycle of construction projects skillfully.”

Dr. Samar Daham Hatoum
General manager
Al Hikma Building Contracting, Dubai

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